Dressing up, dressing down

n+1’s Roger White on How Artists Must Dress:

Whereas a dealer must signal, in wardrobe, a sympathy to the tastes and tendencies of the collector class, an artist is under no obligation to endorse these. Rather, the task of the artist with regard to fashion is to interrogate the relationship between cost and value as it pertains to clothing, and, by analogy, to artworks.

(via Brian)


Renda recommends Things I Bought That I Love, a style blog by The Office’s Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor). Renda admits that while she doesn’t have the same taste as Mindy on all things, she gets a kick out of famous or sorta-famous people who do the Internet in a genuine way. I buy that concept, and I love it, too. Hoo-ah, we’re on a roll!


Last week at SVA I spoke a little bit about copying and its many benfits and byproducts. Among my examples was Milton Glaser’s incredible I ♥ NY logo, which, as I’ve said before, is an advertisement for itself and has enjoyed widespread recognition and repetition not just for its graphic charm and brilliance but also for its open-ended sense of possibility. You can ♥ anything. Well, now you really can ♥ anything, because Dahl & Dane are making tshirts and tote bags according to Glaser’s 1977 logo specifications, complete with the authentic American Typewriter (accept no substitutes). Order one today for you or the initials you love (via Joanna’s wonderful Cup of Jo).


I am now the proud owner of a black tshirt featuring Muriel Cooper’s logo for MIT Press. Pick up your own here or here. Find out more about the logo here.


From Susan Cernek’s great new GlamChic blog, some suggestions on how to build a fashion library. “The most-used book in my library is the Fashion By Decades book that Getty Images came out with a few years back. Featuring one image per page and a short, to-the-point description, it’s a fantastic visual tour of the last century’s styles.”


In case you couldn’t get inside the tents, Stereogum has published the playlists of New York’s most recent Fashion Week.